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Friday, September 29, 2017



Animated Electronic Creepy TALKING LIGHT-UP SKULL DOOR BELL Spooky Sounds Scary Jump Out Snake Blood Red LED Eyes Skeleton Head Halloween Party Bar Doorbell Haunted House Prop Door Decoration

Halloween night a regular doorbell just won't do... Features Creepy Blood Red Eyes that Light-Up, and a Scary Snake that drops down to bite the unsuspecting visitor whenever the Button is pressed. The Skeleton Head Doorbell rings ‘’DING-DONG’’, followed by a Spooky Voice saying Multiple Phrases. The perfect addition to any Haunted Mansion!

Stick this Skull Door Bell on your door and watch your guests react to his scary warning to enter at your own risk! The Skull's LED eyes light up and he laughs menacingly, then the doorbell rings and a snake pops out of his creepy mouth to snap at your finger! Three spooky phrases, each sure to make your guests jump!

Easily attaches to a secure flat surface. On/Off switch.


Different Phrases:
-‘’Welcome to the haunted house. Mu-hu-ah-ah-ah...’’
-‘’Enter at your own risk. Mu-hu-ah-ah-ah...’’
-‘’Are you scared, little goblins? Mu-hu-ah-ah-ah...’’

Battery-operated electronic doorbell is made of high quality heavyweight resin and plastic. Requires 3-AAA Batteries (*DEMO batteries included).

Tuesday, September 19, 2017



"IT" inspired - Spooky Circus Carnival Toy Gothic GIGGLES TALKING CREEPY KILLER CLOWN DOLL with SOUND Scary Realistic Evil Dead Ghost Demented Monster Costume Party Accessory Halloween Haunted House Prop Decoration Speaks

This unsettling haunted circus carnival vintage-inspired realistic creature features the face of a creepy clown doll with crazy evil eyes.

Scary looking toy dolly makes a spooktacular Halloween haunted house prop. Place in a dark corner for extra creepiness!

Speaks in raspy demented voice with eerie carnival music in the background. 

Friday, September 1, 2017



Creepy Fake BARBED WIRE Wrapped Plastic BASEBALL BAT-Unofficial Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Hunter Killer Disturbing Negan Lucille Inspired Scary Halloween Costume Haunted House Gory Bloody Prop Weapon-Fun World

If you plan on dressing up as a zombie killer for Halloween, this barb wire baseball bat is an excellent weapon of choice. The baseball bat prop is made from molded plastic and painted to resemble wood, and has fake rusty barbed wire wrapped around the end. The evidence of previous bloody zombie fights is splattered on the end of the bat. Now you that you are prepared, let the apocalypse begin!

Brand: Fun World

Length: 32 inches (80cm)



New Motion Sensor Squeaking Sounds SPOOKY MINI RAT Motion Sensing Squealing Plastic Black Rodent with Scary Red Eyes Standing Ornament Creepy Halloween Haunted House Prop Fall Harvest Autumn Thanksgiving Crafts Decoration

Spooky RAT lets you know when someone is approaching! Motion Sensing Black Mouse makes realistic subtle rodent Squeak-Squeak sounds when sensor trigger is activated by movement. Free standing, or add to window sills, baskets, house plants, tables, wreaths, crafts projects and more! Rat senses motion and also reacts to changes of light. Make a whole scary nest of them!

A creepy addition to your Halloween haunt! Each black plastic Rat with scary beady red eyes stands 3-inch tall. A motion sensor activates the creature's eerie SQUEAK SQUEAK sound when any motion or light change is detected nearby. Each Rat has a flat bottom base that makes displaying them anywhere a breeze. Perfect home décor for haunted houses, Halloween decorations, Fall Harvest Autumn and Thanksgiving Décor, and startling visitors and party guests!

NOTE: Does NOT have an On / Off Button. Controlled by motion and light changes.

Measures approx 3-inch (7.5cm) H x 1.25-inch (3.13cm) W x 2.75-inch (6.88cm) D

Incudes 2-1.5V L736 Button Cell *Batteries (*NON-Replaceable)

Pull plastic *tab to activate sounds. *Save tab to replace if you desire non-activation.

*This is NOT a toy. For Decoration and Indoor use only.