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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dexter Psycho BLOODY HELP ME SHOWER CURTAIN Halloween Decoration

Dexter Psycho BLOODY HELP ME SHOWER CURTAIN Halloween Decoration

Creepy Dexter Psycho Horror BLOODY HAND PRINT HELP ME SHOWER CURTAIN Bathroom Bath Tub Halloween Decoration Prop

Dexter Psycho Life Size Horror Prop BLOODY HAND PRINTS and DROPS HELP ME Halloween Decoration Bathroom Bath Tub Shower Curtain by The Gothic Collection

NEW Life Size HandPrints, plus blood drops, spatters and splashes, words 'HELP ME' and victim's creepy shadow, printed on a durable clear frosted vinyl shower curtain.


Gothic Psycho Bathroom Prop, Horror Decor, Halloween Decoration - approx 72-inch long x 72-inch wide.

Dexter’s laboratory blood spatter pattern analysis, Psycho bathroom, zombie apocalypse, Halloween decorations, horror props!

Crafts Supply, Prop Building Supplies, Haunt Prop, Party Decoration, Joke, Prank, Gag Gift

NEW Detailed SCARY, SPOOKY and GROSS... Fresh Decor from a Creepy Haunted House!

Can be used in bathroom, or as a window or door curtain.

Curtain standard size approx. 6 feet wide x 6 feet long (183cm x 183cm)

Perfect decoration or prop for windows, kitchen, bathroom, any room in your spooky haunted house!

Smooth durable vinyl plastic with curtain rod holes for hanging.

Manufactured by Sunstar Industries
MPN: HH-MR-81732
UPC: 762543817322

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