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Sunday, August 27, 2017



Spooky Gothic LIGHT UP DOOR COVERS WALL MURALS SET Halloween Haunted House Horror GRIM REAPER VAMPIRE BATS Theme LED Flashing Lighted Eyes Lantern Window Display Refrigerator Covering Photo Booth Scene Setter Costume Party Decoration-THREE PIECES

Spooky Light-Up GRIM REAPER VAMPIRE BATS Sheer Colorful Window Door Covers Wall Murals SET of THREE (3) will give Halloween guests a scare as they approach your door. Scary gothic horror theme print LED bright flashing lights are displayed behind the eyes.

ONE of each pictured:

-Grim Reaper on Throne with Lighted Eyes
-Grim Reaper with Lighted Lantern
-Vampire Bat Scene with Lighted Eyes

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